(21)  Dominick Copinger


The following petition of Edward Dodsworth, presented to the Chichester House Commissioners in 1700, throws some light on the position of this gentleman and of the lands of which he was possessed:-

Petition of Ed. Dodsworth, 1700.

It appears from claim No. 2,589, to the Chichester House Commissioners, that he made a lease to Francis Townsend, of lands called Rathmore, in the Barony of Carbery, Co. Cork, which in 1684 seems to have had 21 years to run.  The claimant is Philip Townsend, on behalf of Richard Townsend, a minor, eldest son of Captain Francis Townsend, and late propietor is stated to have been Edward Galway.

Dominick Copinger's Will is dated the 8th of May, 1688, and is sealed with his crest - the leg in armour.  The following is a copy:-

Will of Dominick Copinger, 1688.

Administration to Dominick described as "late of Baltimore, in the Barony of West Carbery and County of Cork, Esq.," was granted on the 8th October, 1693, to Bryan Townsend, principal creditors of the deceased.


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